Asphalt Gold launched Air Max 1 theme shoes

Asphalt Gold launched Air Max 1 theme shoes, car kit…
Recently, the German name Asphalt Gold cheap jordan shoes unveiled a cooperative project of the new, staggering is as high as 19000 euro price, but this is one of the shoes and There was no parallel in history. combined car series…

Asphalt Gold Air Max 1

Asphalt Gold Air Max 1

This pair of shoes which are Asphalt Gold have launched a limited 500 pairs of Nike Max 1 Air Flyknit ID shoes, car or a car with the famous transformation manufacturers Brabus together to create Smart. Shoes and cars were used Asphalt Gold signature of gray as the main color, and the details on the cheap air max ornament fluorescent yellow and gray color do. Such a move would mean that in the future to have super shoe

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